Where to start?

First of all why start a blog? One word – torn! I’m learning from others’ blogs and twitter and from my own reading. My thinking and passions are so scattered!

I read things about Ed reformers and it gets my blood boiling. Can they really be that inhumane? Do they consider a child? Do they consider the pressure put on teachers? Can they really care more about money than a child? I’m thinking of one first grader who writes about going to the zoo with his mom and dad and grandpa and grandma. His moms in jail. I think about the 3rd grader who is actually at school this year. Even staying after school this year. She’s acting like she’s stoned! Can she be? Can she be taking drugs? Her behavior is so bizarre! Then the 3rd grader who just now had her hearing checked and learned she “failed” the test – surgery is going to happen! Wow! Would the Ed reformers do the same things if they came alongside me and noticed what I’m noticing? Heck what about my own BOE in my own town. Why can’t they be bothered? Super can’t be bothered. Is their work more important? I’m reading about supers who care deeply and are speaking out. I want that for the kids I work with. I want that for the teachers I work with. Instead we get reprimanded for asking questions. We get reprimanded when our thinking of our own needs do not match admin. Ok so ultimately it’s their job to lead us in the right direction. They can’t lead with hostility in the air. Is it they can see the big picture and are not articulating it? They don’t have the buy in. Is it that they aren’t listening to us? Our needs and their needs are different? Ultimately our needs are to cope with the extra work when our needs must be focused on how to teach our students. We’re not focused on our students. Sad thing.


Then there are the people who love kids. Love teaching. Love sharing. Those people are a breath of fresh air! They are go getters! They don’t let the negativity surrounding education get them down. How do they do it? They surround themselves. That’s how! How do u surround yourself and forget about the politics? The politics drag me down. I hate that! Can I be aware of both? Is it possible?

Can I jump through the hoops of OTES and come out a stronger and better teacher? Lord knows I’m going to give it my all!